Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Valentine

Thanks for all the fantastic comments on my last post - you gals really made my day.*

So, I am not a big fan of the entire Valentine craze - but I don't really care that much for most holidays.  I'm a batty little Grinch, I guess. LOL! 

But, I do know a lot of people who love Valentines Day, so here is my first card using totally non-traditional colors.  Please note the lack of distressing and collage. :) 

It was very simple to do - I used a Tim Holtz Edger die (Brackets, I think) and a Sizzix alphabet.  And no stamps, I see.  I swear that the majority of my artist years have been spent as a stamper!

Enjoy and thanks for looking!

* I'm used to journaling where I can answer each post individually but that doesn't seem to be the case here.  What is netiquette on responding to comments?? 


Beverly Gotthardt said...

Love your alphabet--keep this idea for summertime water waves.

Cgra said...

Oh, Beverly, I haven't even thought of waves! Thanks for the great idea!!

Shar said...

Great look! Love your layers and fab design!