Saturday, April 21, 2012

Macabre Monday - Pirate's Booty

It's time for another Macabre Monday over at Haunted Design House - this week's theme is Pirate's Booty.  I decided to go with a map, said to show the location of a chest of coins owned by infamous pirate, Calico Jackman.  Unfortunately, Captain Jackman was caught and hanged for piracy before he was able to retrieve his treasure.

This is the 2nd map that I made - the first one's ashes lie partially melted into the carpet of my craft room.  Did you know that you should not apply open flame to paper that has hairspray on it?  My left brain knows that, my right brain not so much.

Using Versafine, I stamped the map on a thin piece of stationary and added some script, as well as various nautical designs that I thought a sailor might have on a ledger page.  I marked the treasure with a Stazon X and distressed the entire thing with Walnut Ink and water.  While the page was still wet, I took an embossing stylus and wrote some numbers and words along the edge; the ink darkened them up nicely, and folded the map up to get the nice dark creases and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then opened it up flat.  Once the paper dried, it turned brittle.

I refolded it and got out the matches - let's gloss over the fate of the first map, shall we?  After going outside, I strategically burned the edges and some creases of the map.  I made the seal with wax and an unmounted stamp coated with Stazon.  The blood is Memento ink right out of the refill bottle.  Ta-dah, Calico Jack's treasure map.


I had a little time on my hands and decided to play with some clay and came up with some Krakken tentacles.   The base is covered in cloisonne embossing powder and the tentacles were darkened with a black ink wash.  It's a perfect paperweight for the map.   

 Thanks for looking!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this map! Every detail is so amazing! Thanks for the flammability factor on hair sprayed paper.
Better your carpet than mine.
Thank you for walking the plank with us this week at HDH.

Andrea C said...

This is freaking AMAZING. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and your clay creation is tops. Thanks so much for sharing your creation with us at Haunted Design House this week x

DonnaMundinger said...

OMG!!! I would swear this was an ancient relic! Such fabulous detail! LOVE your project! Thanks so much for joining us for MM at HDH. xxD

nwilliams6 said...

This is so well done. Love it and I loved reading about your adventure too!

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Wonderful!! Great detail. Thanks for being a follower of my blog. Trying to go around and "meet" all friends and see their awesome blogs.