Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Spring Card

So, I have no idea what the ettiquette is, but Whoot! I'm squeeing about getting a Ginger Gem Badge for my Panic! at the Disco inspired project.  Thank you!

Today's card is Spring inspired again.  I love the rain, but a little sun wouldn't be unwelcome right now.

I wanted to play with some very cool bumpy glittery wrapping paper that I got from Pennywise Arts - I glued it directly to cardstock since it was so thin.  The image is colored directly on the stamp with Memento markers (my favorite technique for coloring) and then stamped onto white paper.  I then covered the entire image using the Essential Glue Pad (dab, don't rub, or the image will smear) and covered it with irridescent glitter.  I may add a ribbon, but I also like how simple it is.

I also thought I'd share a picture of my workspace - I have a huge light table but, as you can see, I've managed to clutter it up until I have nothing but a corner to work in.  Sadly, I'm pretty sure that I took the picture because I was impressed that my work space was so neat...

Please tell me that other crafters have this problem!!

Enjoy and thanks for looking!!


1CardCreator said...

Very pretty card, I love the texture and the colors too!

Linda said...

Great card! LOVE glitter!

Your table looks pretty organized compared to mine! You can take a peek at it here! I am happy to say it has improved greatly since the photo was taken 10 days ago!

2amscrapper said...

Ha! Your workspace looks great compared to mine. I heard about the "push back" method--when you finish a project, just push the stuff you used to the back of the table. Eventually you end up with a 2" x 2" space left to work on! Beautiful card!

Jack said...

Great card, very sparkly. And no, of course I'm not a messy crafter (tee hee hee) and I NEVER EVER procastinate (hope my tongue doesn't fall out, lol).